Sustainable Skyscraper Captures Rain to Fulfill Water Needs of its Residents

OK so I have been really into architecture recently.  It just fascinates me – especially the sustainability piece.

Architectural students of H3AR have received a special mention for their proposal in the 2010 skyscraper competition for a sustainable skyscraper that maximizes rainwater harvesting. Dubbed “Capture The Rain”, the skyscraper features an innovative roof and external shell, which consists of a system of gutters to harvest rainwater to meet the daily needs of its inhabitants.

Personally, I like the presentation on the right especially the rain cloud and sun cutouts 😉

Sustainable Skyscraper

How it Works

The designers estimate that the average daily consumption of water per person is about 150 liters, out of which 85 liters may be replaced by rainwater. The design team focused on the shape of the roof to capture as much rainwater as possible. Under the roof’s surface, special water reservoirs have been placed in the form of a large funnel and reed fields, which serve as a hydro botanic water treatment unit. Genius!

Sustainable Skyscraper Rain Water

Rain Water Filter

This unit processes water to make it usable before it is transmitted to apartments. A network of gutters on the external surface of the building is designed to capture rainfall flowing down the building. While most of the harvested water is supplied to the apartments, surplus water is stored in a reservoir under the building.

Sustainable Skyscraper3


The takeaway? We can get creative about how to work alongside nature to accommodate our needs.

Music for today: Set My Baby Free,  Ian Brown (Golden Greats, 1999)

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