About Me

Welcome to my world.  After growing up on the (not so) mean streets of North Phoenix, I spent some time going to college in Flagstaff, Tucson, Berkeley, Spain and Italy. I explored Europe as a curious backpacker – loving every minute of it. Later, I headed east to write for a great start up social media company in Boston and then made my way to Southern California to learn more about teaching yoga, marketing a technology company and helping non-profits communicate their stories more clearly.

Currently I am enthralled with the green movement – particularly with respect to food. I work on a biodynamic farm, volunteer at an urban organic farm, take viticulture classes and do my best to keep up on the organic food industry!

I am a yoga teacher, biodynamic and organic farmer, communications professional, enthralled with art and architecture, sustainable wine and beer lover, striving to spread sustainability and conscious lifestyle globally and lover of cookies and cookie-related things.

Bottom line, I am determined with a hint of ridiculousness – but always striving to engage in all of my endeavors with integrity.  I’ve included a list of “25 things about myself” that I had to write one time – maybe this will help introduce myself:

  1. I can do origami with my toes. They are rather dexterous.
  2. I am not so secretly afraid of the dark.
  3. I not so secretly want a bulldog just because I want a skateboarding dog.
  4. Toilet flushers and sharing straws legitimately freak me out.
  5. I am not technically narcoleptic, but I have strong narcoleptic tendencies. My gramps and I are notorious for napping during family events.
  6. I prefer to be barefoot. Especially at work.
  7. I don’t like raisins or dark chocolate, but I love dark chocolate covered raisins.
  8. I only hiccup once but that one hiccup occurs relatively often. I have only gotten the full blown hiccups 6 times in my life.
  9. I get cranky when I am hungry. Consequently, my friends carry snacks with us everywhere we go as a preventative measure.
  10. I love vegan cookies.  Love ’em.
  11. I prefer to wake up when the time ends with a zero or five. This drives people bananas. Now I think I prefer it because it drives people bananas.
  12. My grams is my favorite crazy person ever.
  13. I choose to experience new things than to give in to the familiar. This is why I have lived in nearly 10 different places since I was 18: Flagstaff, Tucson, Phoenix, Segovia, Orvieto, Berkeley, Boston and San Diego.
  14. Bungee jumping out of a gondola in Switzerland was one of the most serene experiences of my life.
  15. Waking up to some guy chewing on my hair in the middle of the night in Switzerland was of the oddest experiences of my life.
  16. Watching the Simpsons dubbed in Italian tickles my funny bone like nothing else.
  17. As a little girl, I wanted Michelangelo to be my boyfriend (the ninja turtle).
  18. My first albums included the artists Motley Crue, Simon and Garfunkel, Madonna, Beach Boys, REM, Color me Badd, Boys II Men, Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, Led Zeppelin and Salt n’ Peppa.
  19. I lived in a house where the swamp cooler burped birds.
  20. One of my favorite memories is sledding on cookie sheets from my gram’s backyard into the farmer’s field.
  21. I like to hug it out.
  22. I used to beg my dad to let me stay up late so I could watch Star Trek. For reals.
  23. I love exploring and visiting new places, but I love being visited just as much (this is my plug for ALL of you to come visit San Diego). I am itching for a long-term international adventure as well.
  24. I sleep curled up in a teeny ball, like a flamingo with one leg up next to my arm pit or like a monkey with both arms straight above my head. I also like to cover my head with the blankets no matter what position I am in.
  25. I can order a sandwich in Latin, tease my niece in Spanish, coo to my nephew in German and curse at the gelato lady in Italian (thank you Jenny).
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