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As I continue my teacher training with YogaWorks 300 hour course,  I realize more and more that I want to teach yoga because I want to extend the experience of living a “yoga-centric” life that isn’t confined to happening on a yoga mat. Yoga is not just a set of postures that one does and then leaves on the mat after the class ends. Yoga is an attitude. It’s a mindset. It’s our demeanor. It’s how we treat others. It’s how we treat ourselves. It’s how we choose to understand ourselves as well as one another.

Ultimately, I want to teach people how to adapt their yoga practice to align with each of their specific needs. Part of practicing yoga is learning how to adapt the practice to meet us where we are at that moment. As we all know, we each endure mental and physical shifts from day to day; a yoga practice should also adapt to meet those fluctuating needs. Many try to fit themselves to yoga, but it’s important for yoga to be fit to each person.

Outside of my teaching goal, my universal goal is to engage in all training, practice and teaching with integrity. I want my practice, on and off of the mat, to reflect the love I have for myself, friends and family, students, yoga, and life itself.


Workshops/Continuing Education

  • Yoga as Cancer Therapy
  • Twisting Poses
  • Breath Centered Yoga
  • Tantric Yoga
  • Savasana
  • Inversions
  • Handstands

Classes Currently Teaching

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